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TAM 10.1

VRF Technology for High Rise Buildings

Hubert Gatez, DAIKIN, Belgium

TAM 10.2

מכונות GHP

Giorgio Rapits, אמישרגז 

It is about exposing the advantages of GHP for the air conditioning of a 5-star hotel, with 250 rooms. Total installed capacity is 625 RT = 2.2MW.

Total installed capacity is 625 RT = 2.2MW.

GHP technolgy will produce the needed capacity and also 450kW of hot sanitary water from recovered energy. The installation can be done using VRF or Water terminals upon the discretion of the hotel project engineers.

Gas Heat Pump technology respects all current European standards on CO, NOx and CO2 emissions as well as delivering high SRER and SGUE values.

Aisin adopts Toyota engines welknown for its unparallel performance, durability and low maintenance requirments.

It will be shown the suprising effect on Running Costs and Return on Investment the use as fuel of Natural Gas instead of Electricity.

George Raptis.jpg

Giorgio Rapits

Tecnocasa Climatizzazione,


The author of the article is Eng. Georgios Raptis – Overseas Sales Network Coordinator for the Italian Company Tecnocasa Climatizzazione srl., sole distributor for Aisin Seiki Co. GHP equipment.


TAM 10.3

The Future of Digitalization Within Smart Buildings

Adrian Meili, Siemens, Switzerland

Digitalization is a key lever that will enable companies to remain competitive. Digitalization promises lower costs, increased productivity, flexibility and efficiency, shorter response time to customer requests and market demands, and also opens up new and innovative business opportunities. With people, technology and services, Siemens provides a solid foundation to enhance your building performance with the power of data – and ultimately create the perfect place for you to achieve your business goals. Digitalization brings you more transparency to make better informed decisions, optimize your investment or ensure effective use of your building. For this you need digitalization competence.

The presentation will touch issues such as:

  • Future of building technology

  • Trends and innovations in building technologies

  • Digitalization in general

Adrian Meili-.png

Adrian Meili

Siemens, Switzerland

For the past 7 years –

Senior Director Head Sales & Business Development Middle East & Central Asia at Siemens BT, Switzerland

11 years at ABB –

As area sales manager and project manager.


TAM 10.4

Humidification Application

Luis Melgares, Neptronic, Univ. du Québec à Montréal, Canada

Luis Melgares.jpg

Luis Melgares

Neptronic, Univ. du Québec à Montréal, Canada


Vice President Sales Marketing

Company Name Neptronic Quebec, Canada

Dates EmployedDec 2014 – Present

Regional Sales Manager/Business Development/OEM Accounts

Company Name NEPTRONIC Quebec, Canada

Dates EmployedMay 2012 – Nov 2014

Business Development/Développement des affaires. Product Manager, Directeur du développement de prod

Company Name NEPTRONIC Montreal, Canada Area

Dates EmployedOct 2011 – May 2012


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