EV Charging, an Opportunity in the US Electricity Market

Michael D. Farkas, Founder & Executive Chairman, Blink Charging, US

As the automobile industry experiences a major shift to embrace alternative fuels and electric vehicles, an opportunity presents itself for business owners and operators to incorporate charging infrastructure at their properties. Blink Charging Co. Founder and Executive Chairman, Michael D. Farkas, outlines the EV market landscape conditions and expectations, and discusses the advantages of various business models used when deploying EV infrastructure.  This will include a view into the costs of hardware and installation, and will provide an overall snapshot of benefits to the business patrons and owners, alike from the US POV.

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Michael D. Farkas

 Blink Charging, US

Michael D. Farkas

Founder & Executive Chairman

Over the last 20 years, Michael D. Farkas has established a successful track record as a principal investor across a variety of industries including automotive, retail, telecommunications, agriculture, and aerospace.

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