Enabling Real-Time Predictive Maintenance for Critical Grid Assets

Natan Barak, mPrest, Israel

Due to ever-increasing energy consumption, an aging grid infrastructure and the growing use of renewable resources, stress on transformers is reaching potentially dangerous levels. Assets such as transformers are operating at a higher capacity for longer durations, but they are also experiencing more volatile demand changes than in the past.

This reality places utilities` commitment to deliver a continuous and reliable flow of electricity at risk. As an example, the financial impact of a transformer failure and power outage can reach tens of millions of dollars – not to mention reputation damage and dissatisfied customers. (Can we give an additional example from another asset to strengthen that we`re not doing only transformers? If too many characters then instead of this example)

In this session, you`ll learn how mPrest`s innovative Asset Health Management system enables utilities to perform predictive maintenance and optimize the asset effectiveness. Co-developed with the New York Power Authority (NYPA), one of the largest generation power utilities in North America, this advanced monitoring and diagnostic software product is currently being used by NYPA to monitor over 85 transformers across its grid including their Niagara plant.

The session will focus on the key analytics capabilities required to detect abnormal transformer behavior (even between thresholds), predict potential failures and optimize maintenance operations. You`ll see how mPrest`s machine-learning algorithms identify trends and predict situations where DGA levels are likely to cross a threshold soon, enabling real-time predictive maintenance.

You`ll also get an insider`s look at how NYPA is utilizing mPrest`s AI-based predictive analytics as part of its digital strategy to improve the efficiency and reliability of its facilities, avoid unplanned downtime and lower maintenance costs.

נתן ברק.JPG

Colonel (Ret.) Natan Barak,
CEO and Co-Founder, mPrest

A technological visionary and seasoned entrepreneur, Natan Barak is the co-founder and CEO of mPrest, a leading provider of mission-critical monitoring, analytics and control software for the Industrial IoT sectors.

Prior to founding mPrest, Barak had a decorated 23-year career in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), retiring as a Colonel in 2003. Barak was involved in numerous strategic military projects, including development of a submarine simulator, defense and electronic warfare systems, and an operational combat system. Among his many roles, Barak founded and served as commander of the Israeli Navy’s C4I Division.

Based on Barak's innovative "system of systems" vision, mPrest has developed some of the industry most advanced and sophisticated command and control applications, including the software behind the world-renowned Iron Dome missile defense system. Over the past decade, under Barak's leadership, mPrest has focused on transforming its intelligent, real-time defense IoT capabilities to commercial applications. These efforts have produced the world's most sophisticated and versatile IoT command and control applications, currently installed in many countries across multiple market segments.

Among Barak's many honors is the National Security Award (2012) for leading the development of the Iron Dome command and control system. He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Israel Institute of Technology - Technion), as well as MA degrees in Business Administration (Bar Ilan University) and Political Science (Haifa University)

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