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Convention topics

The topics for abstract submission are grouped in several tracks. You are kindly invited to submit your abstract indicating the topic and the track of your paper. The selection of papers for the program will be based on compliance with the topic, technological innovation, and the submission of sufficient abstracts for the specific topic. The program committee may propose minor changes in certain cases.

Renewable Energy

  • Renewable Energy Sources

  • Solar Systems

  • Energy Storage 

  • Regulation, Directives & Standards

  • Connection to the Grid

Heating, Ventilation, A/C & Energy

  • Innovations in AC Systems

  • Cooling Systems

  • Control Systems

  • Safety Systems

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Gas and Cogeneration

  • System Planning & Coordination

  • Innovations in Ventilation Systems

Smart Infrastructure and Cyber

  • Information & Communication Technology

  • Expert Systems

  • Smart Grid

  • Cyber Protection

Advanced Operation & Maintenance

  • Maintenance & Safety of Electrical Devices

  • Servicing, Repair and Refurnishing

  • Prioritization and control

  • Advanced Industrial Control

  • Innovations in Lighting Engineering


  • Technology & Equipment for Distributed Production from NG & Cogeneration

  • Energy Efficiency: Economy, Projects, Thermal Energy Infrastructure

  • NG as Fuel and its Distribution Infrastructure

  • Israeli Energy Market: Regulation, Electricity & Thermal Energy Trading, & Energy Storage

Testing, Measurements & Quality

  • Testing Electrical Systems

  • Standards & Directives for Testing and Measurements

  • Quality & Reliability of Electricity Supply

  • EMC – Electro Magnetic Compliance

  • Failures Diagnosis and Monitoring

Energy Management & Regulation

  • Electricity Market Development

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Regulation & Deregulation in the Electricity Market

  • Private Production

  • Strategy, Management, & Technology

  • Micro Grid

  • Transmission Development

Electrical Transportation

  • Electrical Transportation

  • EV Charging Infrastructure

  • Train & Light Train Electrification

  • Electrical Public Transportation

  • Standardization and Regulation


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